A First-Hand TSquare Basement Renovation Experience

A First-Hand TSquare Basement Renovation Experience

When it comes to home basement renovations and repairs, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to work with professional basement remodeling contractors to ensure the job is done in a proper manner. TSquare Renovation has over 30 years of experience serving homeowners with the best home remodeling services in the Northern Virginia area. We want to help homeowners get the most out of their renovation experience by providing our team of highly-trained craftsmen who are dedicated to helping residents transform their homes into the space they have always wanted.

To give you a better idea of what goes into the process of basement finishing renovation, provided below is a recollection of our most recent basement renovation service with a local Northern Virginia resident.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look At A Basement Finish Gone Wrong

Recently, a resident of Fairfax County  had reached out to us about the current state of her finished basement. She explained that about 12 years ago, her husband hired a construction company that sent out a team of men to work weekends and evenings to complete their unfinished basement. When she noted that no permits were retrieved prior to their basement renovation, she had grown worried their basement wasn’t finished properly. What made her even more concerned is that her youngest son now has a bedroom in the basement, and she wanted to be sure the appliances including plumbing and electrical wirings were done properly to ensure everyone’s safety and comfortability.

Our team of TSquare basement renovation contractors were eager to work together with this client to make sure their basement met their needs and that they felt safe in their own home. For starters, we developed a contract together with the client and came to an agreement to begin our basement finishing process. In accordance with Governing Fairfax County building policy, we acquired the appropriate building permits for the basement framing, insulation, electrical appliances, and plumbing. Soon after that, we began demolition of all the drywall to take a closer look at the work done behind the walls. Not to mention that this also included the bathroom built in the basement. It came as a surprise to the number of issues we came across from the previous basement finish. Below is a list of the issues that we came across:

  • No fire blocking was installed/wall and ceiling cavities were not sealed properly
  • Electric wires were outside of studs
  • All electrical wiring did not align with code
  • There were cuts in the wires that exposed the internal wiring
  • The sump pump was wired into the wall outlets and not on a dedicated circuit
  • Electrical junction boxes were not installed and cut and spliced wires were laying on the ceiling
  • The bathroom door was installed too close to the vanity, which meant residents could only install a 16” vanity instead of a 32” vanity so the door would close properly
  • The shower walls did not have the proper framing
  • Minor insulation needed to be installed
  • The bathroom window leaked and was not installed correctly
  • The HVAC vents were in the wrong locations. For example, one was in the middle of the bedroom, which blew directly down on the bed.
  • No access panels were installed where the water and gas shut-off switches were located. The pump-out also did not have an access panel.

While these are all very important issues that needed to be addressed and repaired, the fire blocking and electrical wiring aspects were the most important problems that required immediate attention. With the proper fire blocking implemented, it will keep a fire from spreading quickly and individuals in the house will have more time to escape. Electrical wiring is also a major issue as it could have easily caused a fire and increased the potential spread of it as well. Whether you are looking to upgrade your basement or repair it from previous damage, working with professional basement renovation contractors is your safest bet.

TSquare Renovation: Northern Virginia’s Most-Trusted Basement Renovation Company

Finding the right basement renovation contractors for your next home improvement project will give you peace of mind and save you time. At TSquare Renovate in Sterling, VA, we have developed and perfected our renovation process over 30 years of servicing homeowners in Herndon, Oakton, and other cities through Northern VA. Our high-quality basement finishing services are trusted and are sure to exceed your home improvement expectations. We take our time and work efficiently through each step in the renovation process to ensure each task is completed and produces satisfactory results. No matter what your basement renovation situation is, our craftsmen will work together with you to customize our home remodeling services to your needs.

Schedule a TSquare craftsman today for your home renovation needs! Contact us at (703) 278-2035 to learn more about how we can help you finish your basement!

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