5 Exterior Projects to Give You A Head Start This Summer

5 Exterior Projects to Give You A Head Start This Summer

As the warm summer season begins, your thoughts may begin floating towards refreshing the appearance of your home’s exterior. Perhaps you would like to add a beautiful gazebo to your backyard or a new entryway for your front door? While there are plenty of do-it-yourself projects available, with a professional Loudoun renovation company like TSquare Renovation, the sheer number of home improvements that are available will be within your reach.


Our seasoned craftsmen have served an innumerable amount of homeowners in Northern Virginia for over thirty years, making them experienced and reliable in completing a vast array of projects. To help you brainstorm what to add or replace for your home’s exterior, here is a shortlist of renovation projects to consider:


Completely reconstructing your entryway to update its design, or simply replacing your old front door with a new one, will frame your home in an entirely new light. This is a great way to establish a design template for other following renovations to come.

Garage Door

Along with upgrading the front entryway of your house, switching out your garage doors to match can also be a simple, but complementary adjustment to your home’s appearance. While it isn’t the flashiest home improvement, exchanging old doors for new ones, especially if they match better with other aspects of your house, is a significant way to bring a fresh look to your home’s exterior.


Performing a siding replacement will retouch your home’s appearance but can also reveal structural damage beneath it. With the addition of insulating home wrap to your replacement, you can protect your home from outside wind and water damage.


A roofing replacement is one of the most beneficial improvements that you can make to your home. Newly laid roofing not only looks great, but it will also provide lasting protection against weather damage. Also, the more recent you commit to a replacement before selling a house, the greater value your house will have on the market.


The warm season naturally attracts us to the outdoors, and what better place to spend that time than on a deck built to your exact specifications and design preferences? Enjoy a day in the sun or shade and host a gathering of friends and family on a beautiful new deck that is built to last by professionals like TSquare Renovation.

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To find the service you need for any renovation or remodeling project, come to TSquare Renovation in Northern Virginia. Our staff of highly-experienced specialists in renovation and remodeling will acknowledge every detail of your home’s dimensions, as well as take into consideration your personal design preferences. Our services range from residential to commercial, as well as indoor remodeling to exterior projects such as repair and renovation. Contact our Loudoun renovation company today at (703)-278-2035 for a free consultation.

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