5 Ways to Achieve a Successful Office Renovation

5 Ways to Achieve a Successful Office Renovation

Office design has been found to correlate strongly with productivity in many businesses.  Whether your company is large or small, your office space should sustain a professional environment that encourages focus and energy within your workforce. If you are out-growing your current office or would like to renovate it for better organization and efficiency, then consider hiring a team from TSquare Renovation to assist in an innovative office renovation. Our Northern Virginia-based renovation company offers a multitude of contracting services that have helped you transform your office into a functional, yet ergonomic workspace. Here are 5 ways to accomplish a successful office renovation:

1.       Identify Your Wants and Goals

Beginning this process requires that you have an end goal in mind. Survey the office and consider exactly what it needs. Perhaps you need to increase workplace amenities, such as more desks, improved bathrooms, or a bigger and more comfortable breakroom. Or, you would like to improve the style and professional appearance of your business with a more modern design and larger conference rooms equipped with monitors and projectors for meetings and presentations. Knowing the specific needs of your business will easily guide you through initial phases of your renovation process, as well as save you from numerous headaches down the line.

2.      Evaluate Your Space

Renovation can’t start until you’ve had a building inspector evaluate the area for hazards, such as asbestos, mold and more. Though this may take more time from beginning the actual renovation of your office, it will ensure you know everything about its current condition, which means you will have more information to base your designs on and make decide what additions or changes should be made to most impact your work environment.

3.      Consult Your Employees

Consider your employees’ opinions as well. The changes they may have in mind may more accurately direct you toward a renovation design that most affects their productivity and efficiency. An office space designed with employees in mind can involve some elements that could be considered indulgent, but choices like how much workspace each employee has, or the way desks are placed for easier access to facilities, can go a long way in improving workforce performance. Along with this, being a part of the design process and shaping the area in which they work can boost employee morale.

4.     Create Your Design

Now comes the fun and exciting part of the renovation process. Incorporating everything that you’ve learned, communicate your goals and preferences to your design and build contractors. It is important that you have clear and reasonable design preferences, as well as an idea of how much time and money you’ll need to invest in order to complete the project as you desire it.

5.      Begin the Process

After you have relayed the plans to your design and construction team, you can sit back and watch the magic happen. Schedule check in days to track renovation’s progress. It is also important to keep an open line of communication with your team about the renovations progress, especially if they are still working within the space as it occurs. It will ensure that they are aware of where construction is being done and what safety precautions they should take as they travel through the office.

Choose Efficient Office Renovations in Northern Virginia

The interior design of an office may not necessarily be the first item of importance within your business, but it can improve the appeal of your business to potential clients, as well as improving performance in your workforce. If you want to add a new touch to your current workplace, or even overhaul its current design, come to TSquare Renovation to discuss possible transformative office renovation projects. Our experienced team has assisted in residential and commercial improvement projects for over thirty years. Our craftsmen services include interior build-outs, display monitors, and numerous other improvements. Contact us at (703) 278-2035 or fill out our online form to start your office renovation project today!


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