Top Basement Design Trends of 2020

Top Basement Design Trends of 2020

The new decade calls for experimenting with new trends. 2020 is the year to finally turn your basement into what you’ve always dreamed of. While there are changes you can make that are simple to do yourself, others require a higher degree of skill and experience. For your basement renovation needs a reputable basement remodeling company such as TSquare Renovation can help. We have spent over thirty years providing homes and businesses across Northern Virginia with expert remodeling and renovation services. 


Our responsiveness and quality workmanship has brought us numerous satisfied clients through the years, especially for basement renovations and completions. Here are a few of the best basement design trends we’ve found so far in 2020:

Home Gym

The basement is the perfect place to build a home gym, which is becoming a substantially growing trend among homeowners. With enough space, you can place an exercise bike, treadmill, and even a weight rack, all of which are great for keeping you in shape in the comfort of your own home. 

Music Room 

A popular renovation trend among amateur musicians and virtuosos alike, music rooms are an ideal place to practice your talents and make some noise. Depending on your budget (and your home’s proximity to your neighbors’), it may be a good idea to soundproof your basement beforehand and potentially add additional storage shelves to organize your sheet music and equipment. 

Home Theater 

Another growing basement renovation trend is a home theater installation. Mount a TV, add a couple of recliners, maybe even include a popcorn machine, and your basement makes it easy to spend a Friday night at home. If movies aren’t your thing, a home theater can also be great for an avid gamer or sports fanatic. 


At-home bars have become more popular with homeowners with frequent guests and dinner parties. By adding a stylish counter made of smooth wooden cabinetry and polished marble, you can turn your basement into the best hangout spot around. Installing a bar will also save you more money in the long run, as going out to happy hour will be a thing of the past.

Wine Cellar or Brewery

Another alcohol-related trend for your basement is to create your own wine collection or brew your own beer, which has become a growing hobby throughout the U.S. If beer or wine is your passion, perhaps you can reflect it in your next basement remodel. 

Guest Room

If you often require extra rooms for house guests to stay in, turning your basement into a guest room is the perfect solution. Your visiting friends and family will appreciate you for providing a real bed instead of the couch or an air mattress. 


Depending on the size of your basement and your budget, you can add a full suite with plenty of space for a bed, a bathroom, and a television for your guest. 

Man Cave

Man caves come in many shapes and forms to fit your interests. For the sport’s fan, a man cave will likely include a large flatscreen TV, a beer fridge, a pool table, plenty of sports memorabilia from their favorite teams and a pantry of snacks. 


Similarly, if you’re more of a cinephile, or movie critic, perhaps your cave includes a wall-sized screen and digital projector, along with rows of recliners for a comfortable home cinema. When it comes to a man cave, as well as lady cave, it’s purely about creating a space for your enjoyment.  

Children’s Playroom

If you are a parent, you may be familiar with the hassle of constantly cleaning your kids’ toys throughout the house almost every day. By creating a playpen in the basement, you give them a room of their own and a sure-fire way to keep the rest of your house clean. 

If there is enough room, consider purchasing a mini ball pit or slide for your toddler. If they are a little older, install a smart TV or a computer with parental controls, offering plenty of entertainment as well as a space not only to play but also to study. 


Consult with a member of our basement remodeling team to see how we can enhance your basement space to further improve your home lifestyle.

TSquare Renovation: A Professional Basement Remodeling Company in Herndon, VA

Creating a basement remodeling design requires a focused view of what the result should be. Consider one or more of these design trends as a template for your own. Regardless of how you transform your basement, TSquare Renovation is your go-to basement remodeling company in the Herndon, VA area. 


Whether you’re looking for a basement remodel, kitchen remodel, or bathroom remodel, our team of expert craftsmen can help you transform your home. Schedule a meeting with a TSquare Renovation professional and start planning your kitchen remodeling update today! Contact us at 703-879-2636 to get a free estimate.

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