Rooftop Railing Installation

Commercial Rooftop Fall Protection Installation

Rooftop guardrails are not only essential for all commercial buildings, but they are also usually legally required. Installing a fall protection guardrail can help ensure that proper safety precautions are in place to enhance the well-being of employees and workers who access the roof.

If you need roofing protection installed or updated on your office building, trust SC Industries to get the job done. We offer three main roof protection systems: guardrails, gates, and ladders at an affordable cost to you.


Guardrails and handrails are railings that are installed around the perimeter of your roof to keep the area safe. They are usually cut and shaped from metals like iron or steel, ensuring both strength and durability, even when subject to the weather outside. Our guardrails are designed to grip your roofing material to prevent them from loosening and becoming less effective.


Gates are a crucial addition to your guardrail to provide respective employees with routine or emergency access to parts of your roof or to your fire escape. Like guardrails, these are often crafted from iron or steel and are designed to match your guardrail’s design. They are seamlessly incorporated into the guardrail to ensure excellent durability and protection.


Adding a ladder that leads down from your roof to a lower level of your building or all the way to the ground is another crucial safety measure. In the event of an emergency where it is unsafe for employees to go back inside the building, a roof ladder provides a quick and safe escape. Ladders also allow maintenance workers to access the necessary areas of your office building to complete their jobs. Ladders are often made from steel or iron and are available in a few different models to best match your building’s necessary functionality and design.

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