Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

This was my first time using TSquare Renovation. They were able make it out to me pretty quickly from the time I called them. They replaced some siding that had blown off during the storm and also replaced a rotted gable vent as well as some rotted trim over a window. I thought their prices were very fair and I will be using them again. Thanks for being so responsive and doing such a great job guys. I will recommend this company to anyone.

Ed H., Manassas, VA

TSquare Renovation were good! They did a good job in a timely manner. They provided a schedule quite quick when I called. It was for a rental place and the tenant was also pleased with their work. I’d called them to take care of several things, such as a railing had come off and needed to be repaired; a couple of doors were falling apart so they installed and painted new doors and hardware; there painted some walls that had developed holes in the drywall. They were professional and effective. We talked about what my requirements were and their technician gave me a detailed proposal of what needed to be done. I thought it was well communicated and well done.

Will, Sterling, VA

Absolutely 5 stars Across the Board!

We have used TSquare Renovation for several small projects, but recently, we called them for some major restoration work. We have a rental property that had some flood damage and TSquare Renovation is our “go to” company. We have always appreciated the work Cris does, but this last time, he really helped us out by talking to the insurance company regarding our situation. The flood damage was extensive and between his knowledge about the situation and communication with the insurance company – He got us several thousand more for the settlement. I really appreciate the fact that he was so willing to make the call for us, and intervene on our behalf. I have dealt with a lot of contractors in the past and Cris, by far, has been the most professional. Honestly, I don’t see how they could improve in any area. The work they do is top-notch and the service they provide is outstanding. I happily rate them 5 stars and highly recommend them every chance I get. They are the best!

Sandra P., Baltimore, MD

This was my first time using them. Rachel is the person who contacts you and checks everything. The communication was great and that was key to me.

Sharla K., Woodbridge, VA

Very professional and efficient. Remodeled my shower and fixed a couple of problems I didn’t know about in the process. I highly recommend them!

Shane S., Alexandria, VA

When I worked with TSquare Renovation they had a different name but then very recently I got an email saying that they changed their name so finally, I know what this review was about.
They were great. They were very good about answering any questions I had and about keeping me informed of every progress and going over everything. They were great.
We had a two carport and he called and said it was not going to work so he helped me with the design and they were great. Not only was he knowledgeable and very good about letting me know what we had to do, but I actually like it a lot of better now, it wasn’t something that didn’t look right. There was a problem that we needed to fix and they came up with a good solution.
This was the first time using them, I actually got them on the home adviser website and I called 3 different companies but decided to go with them and I am very happy with the results and I would absolutely use them again.

Laurie G., Sterling, VA

TSquare has provided me with so many services over the past two years. Some things they’ve done in my home include replacing my floor, painting, fixing the garage, installing a light, and repairing my fascia. Their prices are very competitive. They stay in touch when there will be a delay, and they clean up perfectly when they’re done. Everyone who has done work in my home is professional, knowledgeable, and quick. They explain what they are doing and talk with me about my options. Having access to the owner is superb, and he answers all my questions promptly. I think they provide excellent service.

Wayne V., Oakton, VA

I had a construction project in my basement. TSquare was very professional with how they went about it. The work was finished with precision, and they were finished on schedule which I appreciated!

Jere W., Fairfax, VA

We hired TSquare to put a dog door in the wall of our house and, unfortunately, our walls are ten inches thick. So he thought it would take him four hours and it came to about eight. He was good-natured about it the whole time and I l liked him a lot. If you need something done, let the handymen at TSquare be your first choice!

Elizabeth C., McLean, VA

What an outstanding job. There was a lot to achieve in a short period of time and he did not waste one minute. I felt comfortable with his knowledge and skills in a short period of time which freed me up to continue with my work during the day. No supervision required which is hard to find these day. Outstanding job!

Albert C., Sterling, VA